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Required documents

Main documents which should be provided for getting mortgage loan

•  Documents required for getting mortgage loan

  1. Identification card and its’ copy of borrower (joint borrower)
  2. Certificate of Marriage (or bill of divorce) (copy of document).
  3. Identification cards (copy of document) of adult family members living together with Borrower (joint Borrower)
  4. Identification cards or birth certificate (copy of document) of under age family members living together with Borrower (joint Borrower)
  5. Labor contract of Borrower (joint borrower) or copy of workbook cofirmed by Human Resources Department of his/her workplace.
  6. Documents proving Borrower’s (joint borrower) income (reference from main or if has additional work place, and etc.)
  7. Evaluation act of mortgage subject.

•  Documents required for official registration of mortgage

  1. Document (extract from state registration) proving property right of dwelling area loading by mortgage and technical passport (if required).
  2. Document proving not loading of mortgage subject by other obligation and limits.
  3. Reference about registered persons on dwelling area loading by mortgage.
  4. Copy of husband/wife’s, other registered adult family members’ consent provided to notarial body about mortgage object selling without court and loading by mortgage.  If the owner of mortgage object is under age person, copy of tutorial and guardian bodies’ consent in the frame of his/her interests.

•  Documents which should be provided after official registration of mortgage

  1. Origin of mortgage agreement (Composite agreement) and mortgage paper, and documents confirming their state registration.
  2. Documents confirming insurance of mortgage object from case of Borrower’s death and loose of work ability and payment of insurance payments.
  3. Copy of bought dwelling area purchase contract.
  4. Copy of identification card of dwelling area seller (for physical persons).

•  Documents which should be provided if Borrower is private owner

  1. Certificate about registration of owner in tax authority (copy).
  2. Income tax accepted by tax authority or simplified tax declaration.

  Documents which should be provided additionally if borrower is from social category

  1. Document confirming Borrower’s concern to social category.

Note: Copies of provided documents should be notarized.

Translations are not official and not notarially approved.
The amount of mortgage loans
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